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As we watch a new Iberoamerican audiovisual community organizing itself across the world, we need to know the general history and current landscape of how production and distribution of Latin American films operates in Latin America and the world. This book makes this landscape accessible to those involved in film.  It is organized by chapters on each Latin American country. The main focus of every chapter is on current developments in their national cinema industry, on films originating there and how these films are financed.  Film education as well as a look at exhibition is also included.  Included is a chapter on other countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East inasmuch as they are involved with "Iberoamerican" films as well as a chapter on North America and its relationship to "Iberoamerican" films.



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In addition to a hard book copy (in English and in an abridged Spanish language version) online access will help readers stay up to date on developments . The online versions of this book at will help the readers by themselves to update

Filmmakers, companies, and film students from Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia interested in coproductions with Latin American countries will find this indispensable for understanding the current and developing business financial environment in all of Latin America country by country.


Reasons to Get The Iberoamerican Film Financing Book:


  • Access to current funds information by country

  • Case studies of successful films financed/produced/distributed from the Iberoamerican region

  • Perfect guide for international film executives, producers, distributors, and sales agents

  • Resource for current film students

  • Guide for the recent (and not so recent) film student graduate

  • Overview of specific markets listed by country in the Iberoamerican region - 26 countries

  • Coproduction requirements by country and co productions recently Europe, North America




About The Author


Sydney Levine is a pioneer in the international film business. Beginning at 20th Century Fox International in 1975 as the first woman in international sales and distribution, she later became one of the first film acquisitions executives in the early days of home video.   In 1988 she created the industry’s first database of worldwide films and sold it to IMDb, an Amazon company in 2008.


She now consults for filmmakers as well as the Cannes, Berlin Film Festival Markets and mentors upcoming cineaste talents in Guadalajarara, Toronto, Qatar, and Fajr, Iran.  She also teaches international film business at Chapman University and lives with her husband and business partner in West Hollywood, California and Berlin, Germany.

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