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Strategic Consulting Services
for the International Film Business

The movie business, or film industry, or film biz, a unique combination of art and commerce, is always changing.  As technology advances, so too this technological medium advances and so it has been for over 100 years.  These changes (currently under the general heading of “digital”) always have a profound effect on the business of film.


The various means by which all cinema finds its way to paying customers compensates those people, including filmmakers, working in the business.





The filmmaker, or a company with a slate or single film or script, works with us to devise a strategy, defining how to achieve market goals and implement tactics in order to find the appropriate demographics and audience via festivals, distribution and international sales which will result in compensation to the filmmaker.





Connecting people, projects and companies to the business and creating useful and effective access is our specialty.  This can be done by traveling to festivals and markets where the business of film is taking place or in film industry centric locales or from one’s own office anywhere in the world.



Worldwide and Year-round Access


The circuit of the film business events held annually worldwide includes a varying number of larger and smaller events at which you actively engage in business.  These are principally held at, but not limited to film business “markets” taking place (mostly during great film festivals – but not always!) at  Toronto, the American Film Market (AFM), Sundance, Berlin and the European Film Market (EFM) and Cannes.



Reaching Your Goals


To connect your project with the demographic for which it is intended and for the parties involved to be compensated for their efforts at every stage is our goal.





You will always find us available to talk about (and sometimes engage in) feature length movie-oriented consulting which can also involve feature documentaries and even shorter projects and scripts as well.


Any stage is good to discuss production issues, financing, sales, distribution, festival play worldwide, legal talent available and timing and film industry marketing issues.




You will have access to individuals, companies and common practices in legal, financial investing, producing, selling and distributing.


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